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Magnetic Products:

High Frequency Transformer Series: We produce various kinds of transformers as per customer¡¯s request. We use high quality cores ,as Ferrite cores, Iron powder cores, Amorphous cores, MPP cores, Sendust cores and Highfulx cores, which is without plumbum, and comply with the request of environment, It is widely used in Switch Power, Communication Power, UPS, DC-DC / AC-DC Inverter, Lights, Apheliotropic Power, Air Conditioner, DVD etc.Choke & Filter Series : We produce with high quality and high technology, and is used in TV set, Computer, Display & Electronic equipment.

Outline of Insulation Material:

Application of Insulation Material : Power Supply, Disk Drive, Keyboard, TV/Monitor, CPU board, PC Board & EMI shielding.

Application of Polyester Film : Printing Circuit Board, LCD Pervasion Film, X-ray Film, Spray-print Film, Tape, TV set, Computer, PPC, Switch Film, etc.

Application of Silicone Insulator Film : Insulator & Heat-Guiding, Static Prevention, etc.

Electromagnetic Wave Shielding Material : Electronic Products, EMI shielding, Wireless Interference.

Application of Special PET Film : Notebook, LCD Display, Switch Board, Electron Board etc.

All the above products can be produced as per any specification requested by customers.


Recently, telecommunication and electronic equipments require faster communication, larger information capacitance and smaller equipment size. The generation of electromagnetic noises are accordingly increased. Thus the solution for electromagnetic noise problems of the equipment became an urgent task to solve for circuit designers and EMC/EMI workers.

The new CNS and CNF series developed based on accumulated technologies of magnetic materials can eliminate noises effectively.You can solve EMC/EMI problems by attaching CNS and CNF materials simply on the parts of noise sources.

CRF Series with high permeability at 13.56MHz concentrates an electromagnetic wave and prevents interference between loop antenna and metal part. Because of these characteristics, communication distance between antenna and RF-ID reader is effectively increased.

Concept of Absorber£º

In contrast with conductive shielding materials,the reflection of incident waves is very low,because electromagnetic energy absorbed is changed to heat.

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