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Selmag (Dong Guan) Electronic CO., Ltd is a professional manufacturer, importer and exporter of electronic product with high quality & competitive price. We are able to provide electronic parts according to customerí»s request in three general categories: magnetic components, insulation material, and EMI absorber.

Magnetic components includes Ferrite toroid cores(Laird & JFE), Amorphous cores(Amosense), Mpp cores, Sendust cores, High flux cores (CSC), various kinds of coils, chokes, switching power supply transformer, high frequency transformer, inverter transformer. Insulation material includes polyester film, PVC film, FRPP film, silicone insulator film and various kinds of tubes. Also we have high quality EMI absorber. All the above product can be manufactured according to customerí»s request. It is used in power supply, DC/DC & AC/DC adapter, UPS, CATV, Home cinema, Lighting facilities, Communication Transformer, PFC choke, etc.

We, Selmag Electronic Co. Ltd, already passed ISO9001 2000 Edition, follow the principle of í░ Working hard together, improve together, reach the goal by mutual effortsí▒, and work closely with our industry-leading customers in providing a full range of products and services to meet their components needs at competitive price and excellent delivery times.

Selmag Electronic are doing every efforts to guarantee all customers 100% satisfaction.

Our Goals:

Short-term Goal : Do the best to reach the goal of sales amount, so as to increase salary and travel every year.

Mid-term Goal : Improve working environment and worker living environment, improve the Management System so as to improve working efficiency.

Long-term Goal : Improve the Bland of Selmag, and do the best to make customers satisfied and workers happily.

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